DIY Hanger Bag

Hanger Bag


My daughter is starting Kindergarten in a couple of weeks and on her school supply list was a hanger bag. This excited me right away as I knew I would be able to let the creative juices flow and come up with something original. My daughter did set a few limitations though. She fell in love with this black and white polka dot fabric and opposite coloured ribbon, and then she requested no pink. They rest was up to me.

I used yellow flock heat transfer material to create the flowers with black smooth heat transfer material on top. I added a bit of green ric rac for the stems. At this point, I thought the top looked a bit bare, so I added the halved sun using the same yellow flocked heat transfer material.


Here is a tip:



There are a few flaws in it, but for much as it will be used at school, I’m going to leave it alone. My daughter loves it and it is her opinion that counts the most!




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Organizers Part 1

Hi Everyone! I’m in the process of setting up a new crafting area and reorganizing all of my craft supplies. It’s a bit of an undertaking to say the least! I don’t know about you, but I am much more creative and productive in a clean and well organized environment. This scenario was FAR from my situation only one short month ago. I had to drag all my supplies out from three different rooms and then I would set everything up on the kitchen table. I wasted a lot of time setting up and dismantling or searching for some crafting tool/material. This was so annoying and it definitely did not put me in the mood to create.

I decided to convert part of my spare room into my crafting area. Now all of my supplies are centrally located. I also have designated table space to layout my projects. My only complaint is having to navigate around a rather large bed. My plan is to relocate it, if only I can convince my husband! So this is where I am now, far from perfect, but manageable.

Now that all of my big items like my sewing machine, Silhouette Cameo and laptop are accessible and located in one permanent location, it’s now time to dive into my craft supplies and sort them out. I came across these fantastic organizers in the Silhouette Online Store:

2 compartment tray combined

This 3D Card and Envelope Storage Design ID #48099 by Jamie Cripps is an easy to assemble storage box. You can fit medium sized items in each box. I will probably make a few of these, one for acrylic paint and another for glues. When I make it again, I will use a heavier weighted card stock or I might try using the Silhouette brand Chipboard for extra strength.


Ribbonstorage combined

Next, I created this Multi Ribbon Organizer Design ID #45564 by Megan Hardy Designs. This is my favourite storage solution box! I took a heap of ribbons that were all jumbled and knotted together in a big Ikea bag and once they were sorted, I wound them around the ribbon cards. I was shocked that they all fit into this one box! I have all of my loose ribbons, elastics, laces, bias tape, and piping all contained in one box now. This project was most satisfying!



This is a close up of the ribbon card. I glued two cut outs back to back for extra sturdiness.



The last organizational box I made was this 3D Organizational Tray Design ID #46243 by Jamie Cripps. It is great for holding all of the small notions like buttons, embellishments and eye and hooks. I like that you can take the boxes out of the tray and that you can arrange the boxes in a couple of different ways.


Tray organizer combined

This picture shows the 5 boxes and 2 accordion dividers that come with the pattern.


That’s all for today! Please feel free to leave a comment if you like what you see 🙂 I know the colours are a little wild and crazy but I have confidence that they are going to look great on my hot pink shelves I picked up at Ikea for 65% off. (Fingers crossed). I plan to write at least one more organizing post and a final reveal of my craft room when it is all set up.

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