Snow Globe Christmas Ornament

Snow Globe Ornament

I made a trip to Michael’s a few weeks ago and picked up an assortment of different shaped glass ornaments. I could hardly wait to get home and experiment with some of the ideas that I had eyed up on Pintrest. Last week, I featured a glitter ornament project that used double-sided adhesive. Check it out if you haven’t done so already because it is a good one! This week I’ll share my snow globe Christmas ornament.

The supplies needed to make this ornament include:

  • a photo of your child standing (preferably with a white background)
  • a round ornament with a flat front
  • imitation snow
  • transparency for an overhead projector

When I went to Staples, I was shocked to discover that the only transparencies for sale cost $50 for 50 sheets! I only needed one, so I went to the printshop and they sold me one sheet for less than $1. They had to dig around for the transparency, apparently no one uses them anymore!

To assemble this project:

  • Cut 1 transparency circle of equal dimension to the ornament. In Silhouette Studio, hold the shift key down as you make the circle. This will make a perfect circle. Perform a test cut as transparency material can come in different thicknesses.
  • Either import a picture of your child into Silhouette Studio or use the PixScan™ to import a picture. I used the PixScan™ because I did not have an electronic version of this photo.
  • Next, use the Trace and Detach feature located in the trace window. Adjust the high and low pass filters until the body of the person is yellow in colour. Then, select trace and detach. You will probably have to do some point editing to clean up the edges of the trace.
  • If you used the PixScan™, the next step is to cut the picture with the Silhouette by selecting “Send to Silhouette”. If you imported a photo, use the Print and Cut feature. Remember to include the registration marks.
  • Next, adhere the photo to the transparency.

Snow Globe Ornament

  • Now pour a small amount of imitation snow into the ornament.
  • Next, roll the transparency and photo into a little tube and insert it into the opening of the ornament.

Snow Globe Ornament

  • Use pliers to straighten the photo.

That’s it! You have now created an adorable and personalized snow globe christmas ornament.

Snow Globe Ornament

I found my inspiration for this craft at Best Bites. Here, you will see how Sara made a homemade snow globe using her children’s pictures. So cool!

Before signing off, I would like to congratulate Jamie for winning my Silhouette America blog hop giveaway! She has been contacted and she is super excited to receive the double-sided adhesive starter kit. The blog hop was a lot of fun!

Have a great day everyone!



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