Personalized Board Book & Story Wheel

Hello Everyone!

I’m still on holiday mode so no new tutorials yet! There will definitely be some new ones in the fall though. For now, I’ll continue to post my contributions to the Silhouette Blog. Here are the two latest instalments:


Personalized Board Book


Check out the Silhouette Blog to create a children’s board book with your Silhouette CAMEO. I hope that this book will give you some inspiration to create your own board book.



Here’s a new twist to story time- the story wheel! The story wheel has a series of 8 pictures placed in an order that tells a story. The Silhouette Blog has all the details.

Thanks for checking in!



4 thoughts on “Personalized Board Book & Story Wheel

  1. Love everything you do and your directions are so good. I cut the little road out of jeans today, not as good as yours, but it will still be fun to give my geandson, thank you for the idea!

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